Disco Upgrade

The DiSco Upgrade Tool will detect the version of the device's firmware, upgrade it if necessary and install the latest driver.

Note: The upgrade process must be done on a computer running Windows 2000/2003/XP, not Vista or Windows 7 - the old driver does not support these versions of Windows.

Please follow the instructions:

  • Go to Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs and uninstall (keep the order):
    • Windows Driver Package - TradeM (WinUSB) TradeM
    • Silicon Laboratories USBXpress Device (Driver Removal)
    • Disco Application
    • Disco Driver
    • Delete the 'C:\Program Files\Disco' folder
  • If you have the 'C:\Program Files\USB Oscilloscope' folder do:
    • Run 'C:\Program Files\USB Oscilloscope\Driver\uninstall_win2k_XP.bat'
    • Delete 'C:\Program Files\USB Oscilloscope' folder
  • Download and install Disco Upgrade Tool: DiScoWD2SI.exe
  • Connect the device. If the Found New Hardware Wizard comes up follow its instructions
  • Using Windows Start menu go to Disco -> WD to SI Updater and open 'Disco WD to SI Updater'
  • Click Upgrade to start the process
  • When the Found New Hardware Wizard comes up chose "No, not this time" at the first screen, and "Install the software automatically" at the second, complete the installation
  • By this time you should see a screen below
  • If the Select Hex File is empty click Browse and open the file:
    'C:\Program Files\Disco\WD to SI Updater\Hex\osc_usb15_enc.hex'

  • Click Download, and wait until it finishes
  • Click Exit and reconnect the device

Go back to the Disco Download page and install the Disco Application