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USB Oscilloscope Disco-2 is a great tool for your hobby and professional projects!

In the same box you get USB Oscilloscope, USB Logic analyzer, Spectrum analyzer, Signal recorder and Logic generator - the whole laboratory for the affordable price!

Simply connect the device to the computer USB port, run the Windows application and you can analyze the UART, SPI, I2C and 1-Wire interfaces besides the analog signals.

USB oscilloscope Disco-2 has the following operation modes:

  • 2-channel XY (or AB) Oscilloscope: marker measurements, triggering (with absolute, differential, external trigger modes) and adjustable pretrigger, signal voltage and frequency measurement, filtering, etc.
  • 16 (8)-channel Logic Analyzer: marker measurements, triggering (edge, level, mask) and adjustable pretrigger, external clocking (triggering), preset pulse miss, preset bit sequence/edge, decoding of the interface UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, etc.
  • 8-channel Logic Generator: tabular waveform formatting or direct timing chart plotting with mouse on the screen, etc.
  • 2-channel Spectrum Analyzer: marker measurements, klirr-factor measurement, different window functions, filtering, etc.
  • 2-channel Signal Recorder: marker measurements, option to add 99 markers with comments, maximal, minimal and average voltage measurement for each channel, waveform record within several tens of hours, etc.


USB Oscilloscope USB Oscilloscope shell



USB Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer:

Disco-1 Disco-2
- measurement accuracy 3% 1%
- noise level 50...70 mV 3...4 mV
- input voltage ±100 mV...±20 V (2 sub-bands) ±10 mV...±200 V (11 sub-bands)
- input AC/DC switch mechanical switch relay controlled by the application
- price Discontinued ($129.50) $99.50

* The rest of the parameters are the same for both devices


- input impedance 1 MOhm
- number of channels 2 - XY or AB mode
- bandwidth 100 KHz per channel
      buffer reading: 1126 sample/channel (1 channel)
563 sample/channel (2 channels)
      pipe reading: 64K sample/channel (1 or 2 channels)
- ADC capacity 10 bits
- triggering - absolute (for rising/falling edge)
- differential (for difference between adjacent samples)
- external (for rising/falling edge of TTL levels)
- window functions Hamming, Hanning, Blackman, Blackman-Harris
Logic analyzer:  
- number of channels 16 (8 if logical generator is on)
- sample rate 1 KHz...8 MHz per channel
- input voltage up to 17V for logic "1"
- memory depth
      buffer reading (Fs=4-8 mHz): 128 bit/channel
      buffer reading (Fs=2-2.66 mHz): 1160 bit/channel
      buffer reading (Fs<=1 mHz): 1544 bit/channel
      buffer reading in concatenation mode: 1 Mbit/channel
      pipe reading (Fs < 500KHz): 4K to 256M bit/channel
- input voltage 0...+5 V (available surge voltage protection)
- triggering for edges, mask, miss pulses, external clocking
- clocking internal / external
- maximum input/output current 10 mA
- sample rate 0.01 Hz...200 KHz
- maximum record time 24 hours at Fs < 100 Hz
- ADC capacity 10 bit
Logic generator:  
- number of channels 8
- sample rate 1 KHz...1 MHz
- memory depth 1544 bit/channel
- output voltage "0" - 0 V, "1" - 3.3 V
- maximum input/output current 10 mA
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